Discover the festival campsite of Nibirii Festival 2023, where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of the festival while enjoying the comforts of camping.

Find all the essential information about amenities, facilities, and booking details for an incredible camping adventure at Nibirii Festival 2023’s campsite.


Thursday | 24.08.--Campsite opening at 12:00
Friday | 25.08.10:00* - 03:0014:00 - 01:00
Saturday | 26.08.10:00* - 03:0012:00 - 01:00
Sunday | 27.08.10:00* - 18:0012:00 - 18:001 Stage | Techno only
Monday | 28.08.--Campsite closure at 12:00

* Camping Early Access. Only for guests of the campsite. Regular opening hours see Info page.



Introducing a new entrance exclusively for our camping guests, reducing walking distances and wait times.

Enjoy Early Access for camping guests to the festival area from 10:00 am on the opening days, allowing you to prepare yourself for the upcoming festivities. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting activities that await you.



We have compiled all the important information about this years camping in this detailed FAQ.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via the contact form or Instagram.

Campsite access

Only the "WEEKEND 3 DAYS incl. CAMPING" ticket entitles you to access the campsite.

Are there any advantages with the VIP ticket on the camping site?

No, this is not possible. The campsite is reserved only for our 3-day guests due to the limited capacity. The Camping Upgrade is therefore only valid in combination with a "Weekend 3 Days" ticket.

Can I visit the campsite with a day ticket or a "WEEKEND 2 DAYS" ticket if I also buy a Camping Upgrade ticket?

No, this is not possible. The campsite is reserved only for our 3-day guests due to the limited capacity. The Camping Upgrade is therefore only valid in combination with a "Weekend 3 Days" ticket.

Arrival / Shuttle busses

On you can book bus tickets from all over Germany to Nibirii Festival.

From and to the train station in Düren there will be regular free shuttles to the festival area - these will also be available for the arrival & departure from the festival camping.

Attention: The shuttle buses will only run during the opening hours of the check-in. The first shuttle bus will leave Thursday (24.08.) from 12 o'clock from the train station in Düren.

The following is valid for all buses: The ride will be refused if you do not behave.

Parking for campers

We offer parking spaces near the camping area, where you can park for the whole camping period. The use of the parking lot costs a small fee and is paid on the spot per vehicle.

In the parking areas you are only allowed to drive at walking speed. Due to the nature of the ground (agricultural fields), only vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons may be parked. Driving on the parking areas with trailers is not allowed, even if the permissible total weight of the train does not exceed 3.5t. The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply. The instructions of the security personnel must be followed.

Campsite opening hours

The camping area opens on Thursday, 24.08.2023 at 12 o'clock and closes on Monday, 28.08.2023 at 12 o'clock.

Campsite Check-In

There are exchange stations at the parking lots where your festival wristbands will be linked to your tickets. As this process takes a short moment, please allow some time for this.

The exchange stations are open on Thursdays from 12pm and close at 10pm.

Without the wristband you won't get access to the festival area, so you should arrive during the opening hours of our check-in stations. In case of late arrival, a significantly longer waiting time is to be expected.

Car / caravan

Due to the ground conditions, access to the campsite is unfortunately not possible for cars and caravans. This also includes camper vans and motor homes.

Wild camping

(Wild) camping outside the designated camping area is prohibited and will be prosecuted by the authorities. This also applies to sleeping in vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, etc. on and outside the parking areas.

Camping/Group reservation

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose a specific spot on the campsite. Our stewards on site will fill up the site piece by piece to save space and will direct you to the next available tent site.

However, there is the following exception: You come with a larger group (at least 10 people) and want to reserve a contiguous camping area? The following link will take you to a form that can be used to reserve a designated area for your group. Please note that the deadline for reservation requests is 06.08.2023.

Camping Reservation Form

Distance to the festival area / access to the festival

There will be two entrances to the festival grounds this year - the main entrance and an exclusive camping entrance.  The furthest distance from the campsite exit to the festival grounds is less than 250 meters.

The main entrance of the campsite is both entrance and exit. From there, a path will lead you directly to the exclusive festival entrance for campers next to the Drum and Bass Stage. This entrance will open at 10:00 on all days ¬- so as a camper you will have early access to the festival area. There will be various activities here, more about that soon on our website. From the opening of the main entrance for day guests, you can also use the camping exit in its direction. Please note: Here you share the entrance with the day visitors. The exclusive camping entrance at the Drum and Bass Stage closes at 15:00, then you have to use the main entrance.


There are water points with drinking water at the campsite. However, due to the infrastructure, the water points are in a central location, so we recommend that you take water cans with you. This way you will always be well supplied with water, even if your campsite is not located directly at the water points. On the festival area there are water points at different spots.

Please use the water sparingly. Be sure to turn off taps when you don't need them anymore. The environment and the team thank you!

Showers & Toilets

There will be containers with toilets and showers, and plenty of porta-potties throughout the site.

The costs for the toilets and shower containers are included in the camping ticket price. The toilets and shower containers are cleaned around the clock.


Lockers will be available in large numbers at both the camping area and the festival area. If you need to charge your cell phones, they will also be available with power.


If you want to take medicines with you, it is not a problem as long as they are in their original packaging. If you need to refrigerate your medications, such as insulin, you can store them at the Infopoint. For strong prescription medicines, which fall for example under the narcotics law, you must have the doctor's certificate with you.

First aid

On the campsite there is a first aid tent where paramedics will be available around the clock.

Means of payment

Our camping area will be completely cashless. You can pay everywhere with your festival wristband. More information about the payment system will follow soon on our website.

Pavilions, tent sizes

Please note that each individual camping visitor has a maximum of 7sqm of camping space.

In order to set up the tents as space-saving as possible, the following is a guideline: In a 2-person tent it is okay to stay alone. In a 3-person tent, at least 2 people must spend the night.

Large tents with more than 8 sleeping places are not allowed! Our security staff will check tent sizes at check-in to the camp site.

Classic pavilions (3×3 meters) are allowed for groups of 5 or more. If there is a shortage of space, people who do not abide by these regulations will have to make room for campers who are still looking.


The shower and toilet containers have sockets, so you can for example blow-dry and straighten your hair there.

You can charge your cell phones relaxed and for little money in our secure lockers (see point 14).


Generators are not allowed at the Nibirii Festival because of the high fire risk and the environmental pollution.


Please respect the orders of the security staff and the paramedics. Whoever after admonitions again attracts negative attention will be expelled from the site. Whoever harasses another person will be expelled for sure! After an expulsion, there is no right to a refund of already paid tickets.

Camping Shop / Breakfast

Also this year CSons will provide the store at the campsite - this time bigger and with more choice! Various food and drinks, as well as camping accessories will be available here. The store will be open continuously during the festival.


In addition to the store, this year there will be several coffee hubs where you can get your cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning.


Grilling is only allowed at the posted cooking and grilling area. Appropriate precautions will be taken there for safe grilling (e.g. fire extinguishers) and it is also a great place to meet other festival guests.

Gas cooker

Gas stoves are allowed on the camping area as long as there is no general fire danger warning level. If there is a fire hazard due to prolonged dry weather, the fire department may allow cooking with gas stoves only at the designated cooking and grilling area. Gas cartridges may only be brought onto the campsite up to a size of 450g filling weight. Gas bottles are not allowed.

Garbage disposal

At the entrance to the campsite you will be given garbage bags in which you can collect your garbage. You can dispose of it in various garbage cans or hand it in at different garbage collection stations. We do not charge a garbage deposit, but we ask for your cooperation! In addition to this, a garbage truck will be driving around at set times, which will gladly take your garbage bags. Since the areas are used for agriculture during the rest of the year, we ask you not to leave any garbage lying around and not to throw cigarette butts and small parts on the ground! Old tents, which you want to leave behind, you can gladly hand in at departure in the appropriate collecting containers, so that a partner of us can recycle these and make clothes and bags from it.

Prohibited items

- illegal drugs

- firearms, cutting weapons, stabbing weapons and other weapons of all kinds

- Toy guns and water guns that resemble real weapons

- saws, axes, hatchets, spades, or folding spades and similar tools

- Homemade rivets or jewelry (with nails, barbed wire, etc.) or anything that obviously poses an increased risk of accident or could be misused as a weapon

- Drones and other flying objects

- Noise-generating objects such as gas horns, megaphones, public address systems (normal Bluetooth speakers up to the size of a large beer can are permitted), drums or the like

- Pyrotechnic objects of any kind

- Solid furniture and items identifiable as bulky waste

- Construction and firewood

- Environmentally hazardous substances and liquids

- Glass bottles and other glass containers (exceptions see appendix)

- Dry ice - acid batteries - etc.

Pets / Animals

Your furry friends are unfortunately not allowed on the festival as well as on the camping area. For the protection of the animals: Please just leave them at home (applies to non-furry animals as well, of course).

Music playback

We are located near a residential area. Therefore, especially at night, it is important to reduce the noise of camping guests to the residents. Please turn down your Bluetooth speakers to room volume! Bluetooth speakers up to the size of a large beer can are permitted, anything larger is not allowed.



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Enjoy the convenience and freedom while exploring the festival. The multi-functional wristband grants access to the grounds and campsite, eliminating the need for multiple passes or ticket concerns.

Exchange stations will be available at the parking lot to link your festival wristbands with your tickets. Stay tuned for further information.


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